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 Opening a path to being

 Being a path to opening




  Sarah D. Meredith


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stretch, strengthen & release


cultivate concentration, clarity & ease 
invite growth, self-awareness
develop a capacity for joy   


Based in New York City & Schoharie County 

All classes currently via ZOOM 

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Yoga mat classes

Individual and small group sessions

Chair yoga for all bodies

Yoga for people living with cancer

Yoga for Arthritis/Tai Chi for Arthritis 

Supported meditation mentoring

Rope wall techniques

Breath for Stress Reduction 

Farmhouse yoga/meditation retreats




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Wednesdays 60 Minutes VIA ZOOM
EMAIL (below) to Request Registration Link

PAY VIA VENMO (@Sarah-Meredith-1) OR PAYPAL

3-4PM CHAIR YOGA $15/$10 seniors

or you can email me and I will send an invitation link. 
Schedule private and semi-private sessions. 
Don't be shy! Contact me for information about scheduling individual or personalized small group sessions. For those living with long-term conditions, frailty, or undergoing unpredictable side effects from treatments for cancer or other experiences, please contact me with your questions. Clinical research now recognizes that yoga can support wellbeing, general strength, circulation and movement of lymph, lessen back pain, and most of all, yogic practices increase your inner awareness, which can help reduce stress, more fully oxygenate and bring equanimity into your daily life. You do not have to learn Sanskrit or anatomy to benefit from the practice! My approach is deeply rooted in the practical truth that if you are breathing, you can do yoga.
Please Note: ALL Back Road Classes require converstion and registration. 
Individual and semi-private sessions are offered from Hatha Basics to Vinyasa, Inversions, Breath (Pranayama), Chair or Supported Practices, Stress Reduction, clinics on aspects of Asana and Meditation. Email ( to request information and schedule your session. 
Weekend retreats include hand crafted vegetarian/vegan meals, communal accommodations, 4 yoga sessions, 2-3 guided  meditations. Participation is limited to ensure a gracious and personalized retreat. Scheduled sessions allow plenty of time for reflection, nature walks, and relaxation. Enjoy a sense of community, as well as privacy in the practice. These retreats offer a deepening of the practice, and an exploration of principles and possibilities through yoga and comraderie. Practice levels are tailored, including appropriate demands for a wide variety of asana or meditation experience, gentle or chair yoga practices, specialized breath practice, or exploration of yogic principles. To express interest, get more information, or to be placed on a waiting list, please email me. Space is limited to 4 practitioners, so if you want to be the first to know about retreat offerings, contact me. Retreats are rarely posted publicly due to the space restrictions. If you are interested in joining or organizing retreats,  email  

MEDITATION MENTORING Individualized guidance, strategies, techniques

Weekly guided sessions with tailored techniques to support your ongoing meditation practice, along with readings, postural advice and breath practices to help you to start a practice, to continue a faltering practice, to deepen a stagnating practice, to explore new levels or aspects of what arises. Working remotely, using skype, email, phone and texts, this supports your practice wherever you are. As Jon-Kabat Zinn so aptly put it: "Wherever you go, there you are." Email with questions.  Inquire about weekly and monthly rates or reduced fees.


Questions? Email me!


Start right where you are, no prerequisites.

Yoga is an essential inquiry that brings you into the present moment, allowing you to focus your attention and cultivate awareness. I offer yoga that allows freedom from mental chatter and physical pain. Our sessions will offer you a path and a process to fully be your self, on and off the yoga mat. I do this through traditional Hatha Yoga postures (asana) and philosophy, breathing practices (pranayama), and inventive warm ups and sequences that are mindful of the technicalities of alignment in bodies of all ages and sizes.  Your practice opens the possibility for equanimity as a continuous frame of reference, and the resultant freedom in the only moment you have:  this moment. I believe this is available to each person who has the courage to practice yoga, at any age or at any point in one’s life history. It is a privilege for me to teach yoga, making this experience accessible.

Rates available upon request.

Using Judgment Wisely 


The state of non-judgment is such an open space in which to experience yourself and others. It seems, though, that we are designed to categorize people, events, signals, scenes, memories -- everything really -- and judge it all! We take a quick scope of whatever data seems relevant and stash it away in a category that helps us function. A good deal of the time we use judgment to make life and death decisions like crossing the road, health decisions like starting a juice fast or eating a third slice of pizza, relational decisions as to when and how to offer help or stay out of something, myriad intellectual decisions, financial decisions, career decisions. Honestly, is there any decision that doesn't involve judgment - even what to say and when to say it?


Yet as my yoga practice deepens, I find more and more often I urge my students to release judgment. How do we do this? It is sometimes so difficult to allow the mind to simply notice and accept, rather than judge and categorize. We can establish ourselves too firmly as having a particular problem, and perpetuate that problem by doing so, often shutting out alternate ways of understanding our situation. We so quickly estimate our abilities and then manage to function only within the parameters of what we estimate, rarely finding out what our true range might be.


As with nearly everything, the trick is in the balance: how do we use our ability to make judgments to help us remain open to the vastness of possibilities in a safe and conscious way.


Within the practice of any asana or sequence in a physical yoga practice, we can explore this balancing act. A big part of this is the process of developing witness consciousness, that aspect of your nature that observes you even as your mind chatters away and your body willfully places itself in a posture. Perhaps you have disappeared for a moment in resting Kapotasana, a prostrate pigeon pose; for a few seconds losing track of the acuteness of that one hip opening, even of the breath moving up and down the spine. It is as though you can see yourself folded on one side, extended on the other, your upper back releasing, belly soft against your opposite thigh, as the hips rest squarely, one leg lengthened infinitely behind you. Your mind may be speaking volumes about how you cannot stay in this one more minute, or about how different this side is from the other side, busy noticing, commenting, bringing feelings and experiences into the moment. Your breath may be shallow in your chest, or deeply soft in your belly, or perhaps awareness has brought the breath to your hip joints, encouraging their opening. The witness can let all of this go, just be there, watching how all this is happening, meanwhile simply being and resting in that open space that your own prana, life energy, can give you. It is in this space that you can observe the way you function: how you make choices, criticize, explain, act, feel.


Yet even as the witness develops, judgments are made. Should you use a folded blanket under that hip? Are you forcing too much stress into the lower back, or shoulders? Could you tuck your toes and extend that back leg a little more to increase the lift in the inner thigh? You can learn to make these choices, being the one who judges, using what the witness can see.


So it is as though there is a whole committee with you as you practice, some advising about the physicality of the pose, some clamoring for attention to the emotional matters brought up by the hip openings, some reacting to the way the teacher adjusted you. Let the witness help observe the committee, like a recording secretary, and let your true self determine the advice for that moment. Watch out for the competitor who wants to force you into going past what is safe for your joints! Watch out for the worrier who will caution you against trying something new that might be risky! Notice all the players at the table, all part of you, and allow the witness to help you use your judgment wisely.


Give yourself the entirety of experience without limiting it. Use your judgment to open the experience further. Try the prop, remove it if you don't find it squares your hips. Release into the teacher's adjustment and let go of the ego who wants to do everything for itself. Let the asana practice help you see how you make your choices on the mat, and you will find that you can understand yourself much better off the mat too!



Find A Path of Your Own


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Retreats for Rejuvenation

Farmhouse and country weekend retreats offer morning and evening yoga sessions, sitting and walking meditation experiences, nutritious fresh vegetable-centric meals and total immersion in country life. Setting aside the obligations and pressures of daily life brings awareness and openness to the possibilities when you return to your routines. Special sessions can be scheduled. Free time activities vary depending upon season and participants’ interests, sunset walks, exploring waterfalls, star gazing, biking, swimming, antiquing, or gardening.  Back Road Farmhouse Retreats are held in an 1830’s simple farmhouse on 20 acres located  in Schoharie County, NY. Contact Sarah directly to discuss plans for your own retreat.



send a text or leave a voicemail:  646-522-9286

Contact Sarah for fees and availability

Thai Yoga Bodywork in your home


Thai Yoga Bodywork


Bodywork sessions are hands on manipulations, with a passive recipient fully clothed, resting on a soft mat on the floor. Lasting 1.5-2 hours, treatments integrate supported movements, yogic breathing, strategic compression and traction that open energy lines, explore range of motion in the joints, stretch and release fascia and manipulate muscle groups. The key is the compassion with which this gentle touch provides strong encouragement for circulation, lymphatic and digestive flow, and significantly releases stress.  Suitable for many chronic conditions, and highly adaptable, these ancient techniques and modern yogic interpretations have stood the test of time.  Typical fees vary between $150-$200 dependent upon location: available in your home as well as in Prospect Heights and Park Slope, Brooklyn.



clarity without judgment

radical self acceptance

equanimity and adaptability



Yoga practice is for every body, mind and heart, as long as there is breath.

Releasing into gravity, Back Road Yoga Retreat


Registered Yoga Teacher,  E-RYT-500, Yoga Alliance

Member, International Association of Yoga Therapists 

Member, Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association

Member, Yoga for Arthritis

Pranayama Unlocked (Gary Kraftsow, 2021) 

Trauma Sensitive Training, (Exhale to Inhale 2020) 

Ropes with Alison West, Basic Certification, 2015 

500-hour OM Teacher Certification, 2012 

200-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Certification, 2008 

100-hour Basic & Advanced Certification, Thai Yoga Bodywork (Jonas Westring, Shantaya Yoga 2012-13)

Certified Yoga4Cancer Levels I & II, (Tari Prinster, OM Yoga 2011) 

Yoga for Arthritis, Certified, (Dr. Steffany Moonaz, 2010) 

Tai Chi for Arthritis, Dr. Paul Lam’s Sung Style (Arthritis Foundation, 2009)